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Dr. Claude Morris, PhD., DVM

Morris Veterinary Hospital is a small clinic located at 15 Commerce Road in Lindsay, Ontario. Established in October 2003, our hospital has four qualified doctors on staff. Friendly and approachable, you can bring any number of questions to our attention. We take strides to know your pets’ diet, habits, temperament, and more. We want your pet to feel safe and welcomed at our clinic. A visit to the vet can be stressful, which is why we provide an atmosphere that’s calming and accessible for a variety of pets.

Dr. Morris is our main vet here at the clinic. He’s well known for providing effective, quality care. Dr. Morris gets down to your pet’s level, ensuring your dog or cat is at ease and comfortable. He’s open to hearing what you’ve got to say about your pet’s health. Along with the rest of the staff, Dr. Morris is open and honest about what concerns your pet.

Dr. Robyn Lang BVMS

Meet Our Veterinarians

Morris Veterinary Hospital is proud to introduce our veterinarians:

● Dr. Claude Morris PhD., DVM

● Dr. Brent Tanney, DVM

● Dr. Teresa Gutierrez, DVM

● Dr. Robyn Lang, BVMS

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